Audit Commission audited 23 ministers and 10 leaders of central enterprises

The Report of Audit Performance disclosed that the audit commission audited the economic responsibilities of 13 ministers, 6 provincial governor, 4 mayor and 10 heads of central enterprises in 2010.

The sum of officials had been audited were 49. According to the consequence of the audit, most of the senior officials conscientiously perform their duties, but still had some ones lacking the awareness of the rule of law.

In addition, the local audit commissions accomplished 36.90 thousand people’s economic responsibilities, and discovered the leading cadres disobeyed the rules and the issue amount of their direct responsibility reached 24.91 billion Yuan, and find out 52 leading cadres were suspected for the personal economic problems and the problem amount reached 72.76 million Yuan. There were 82 leading cadres and 465 others sent to the judiciaries and prosecutions.

Source:  Xinhua

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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