Alleged sex extortionists busted

Four blackmail suspects have been arrested for allegedly luring a Kunming official into group sex then secretly snapping him in red-hot action, the Kunming Daily reported on Tuesday.

“Cheng Jianjun is the victim and also a participant in group sex,” police spokesman Yao Zhijian told the newspaper.

“He will be punished according to the law and the suspects will be disciplined with the police ascertaining the facts,” Yao said.

It was the first case of online pornography being used to blackmail a city official in Kunming, Yao said.

Internet users Weiweixishan and Dongtaishan posted photos of the filthy foursome on well-known online community bulletin boards with a telephone number on July 31.

A Web user recognized one of the swingers as “Mr Cheng,” a section chief at the Kunming Commission of Development and Reform. Then the post went viral on the Internet.

A police station next received a call from Cheng, who informed them he had repeatedly received text messages from July 23 to 31 demanding 63,000 yuan ($9,815).

Police identified suspects via dating sites and believe Cheng was seduced to join in the hot tag team sex action by an organized sting in a residential area of Kunming with secret videotape facilities.

The suspects then allegedly blackmailed Cheng with grainy video shots of the sweaty official’s debauched behavior with another man, a woman and a person of fuzzy gender.

The four men were arrested in Kunming, Hunan and Henan provinces, where police claim they already confessed to the crime.

The police said they had seized a mobile hard disk containing the related video, a camera and relevant electric evidence corroborating the crime.

The Kunming Development and Reform Commission declined to comment when contacted by the Global Times.
Considering the case would enter judicial procedures, the full details on all the official action couldn’t be revealed at this time, Yao said.

Global Times

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