$46,950 in cash robbed by mob after car accident in Shaanxi

About 300,000 yuan ($46,950) was robbed by passers-by and locals after a car accident took place on part of the state highway in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, according to cnwest.com on Thursday.

Last Thursday, in the late afternoon in Yuyang district, Yulin, a yellow Hyundai driven by a couple collided with a tricycle and then hit the wall of a large garden on its right-hand side.

According to Guo Hao, deputy director of Yulin First Traffic Police Division, both the driver and the woman were thrown out of the car and died instantly. The woman had been holding the cash in her arms.

“Some money dropped directly out of the car, while the rest was found under the woman’s body,” Guo added.

The driver’s uncle told reporters that his nephew was on the way to Yulin to deliver the money as part of a work-related transaction, but that only 58,000 yuan ($ 9,077) remained on the site when he arrived.

A witness said that about 200,000-300,000 yuan ($31,300-4, 6950) was scattered on the road and that the scene became flooded with people picking up the money.

Global Times

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