Wronged wives forge anti-mistress club

Thousands of women want to join a new anti-mistress association, the Wuhan Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t calling on women to fight against mistresses,” co-founder Xin Ya in Xiamen, Fujian Province, told the newspaper.

“Instead, I was trying to help those who have suffered or are suffering hurt from mistresses to face reality, pursue a quiet life and get back into society.”
Xin, 40, has her reasons.

She married at 23. The couple quarreled many times over his marital infidelity, divorcing in 2008.

She established the association on July 17 as she consoled one of her friends about her unfaithful husband. The initiative met with strong, immediate support from her friends.

“We’re going to establish an online forum,” Xin told the Hubei Province newspaper.

Xin said she and her friends have also invited professionals including psychologists and lawyers to assist their anti-mistress campaign.

Xin hopes women who join the association will regain lost happiness.

A Xiamen University law school professor piled praise on the association.

“It’s a campaign for women’s rights,” Jiang Yue told the Global Times on Tuesday. “The association provides a place where women suffering from their husband’s infidelity can help and console each other.”

Global Times

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