Who dare say Chinese people are not qualified anymore after seeing the altruistic rescuing of the villagers

After the “7·23”accident, night in July 23, thousands villagers and worker came to the accident scene to save the passengers. And at that time, there emerged so much moving stories of saving people.

The villages saved the passengers through the dangerous bridge, they did not realize the danger just tried their best to save lives.

A villager saved 5 people from the carriages, but he refuse to tell the journalists his name and just said: everybody are trying to save lives.

Wu Aguo saved people with a rope which made up with his new T-shirt; an un-local people carried out 5 people using his car; Yan Linzhi saved 3; Jianbo Jianan saved out 5, and so many brave villagers tool part in the saving actions.

The car-owners nearby, organized spontaneously to send the injuries with any vehicles they can find. The earliest injuries were sent to the hospitals by them, not by the ambulance which should have to.

By contrary, the Japanese were staying at home calmly, nobody took part in the rescuing. But the unconcern of Japanese was advocated by some elites in China as high qualified, however, they always blamed Chinese people are unqualified for years.

Maybe those villagers have some bad customs but their qualifies should not be decreased by those so called elites!  

Source: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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