Weibo Live-China 7•23 rail crash: Red Cross Society of China’s collection in Wenzhou

At 10:30 am, July 25, the donation ceremony of National, Zhejiang, Wenzhou’s Red Cross is held behind the Southeast Theater of Wenzhou Station Avenue to “7.23” serious rail accident, and accept donations of the society. West China Metropolis Daily, reporter Ruan Changan.

Today, 10:56

“汉风宋韵”: This is clearly a man-made disaster and not an act of God. Does the country not compensate it? By the way, donations should be to do to the victims. But the fund-raising ceremony of Red Cross makes a little of eating files!

“那时乡村”: We shouldn’t donate to Red Cross. They are really cheeky.

“YuriOrlov_VictorBout”: Kick your ass! I would donate to anybody except you!

“82345428_1696ff”: Pay back! Pay back! Pay back! Pay back! Pay back! Pay back!

“赵薇”: Have the people to pay for all the natural and man-made disasters?! Amitabha! This is not a question of loving heart, just needing more fair and comforting.

“Gaoleyi7777”: Does Guo Meimei want to change a car, or buy a house or villa? Is two mao enough? But don’t donate!

Source: Sina Weibo

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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