Weibo Live-China 7•23 rail crash: a picture

At noon (July 24), I wrote a post on Weibo to ask the leaders of the Ministry of Railways’s box lunch issue. Now, according to the picture, they not only did not eat box lunch, but also they have their lunch in the most high-end hotel in Wenzhou. Perhaps, they might also drink Maotai.

This is the Ministry of Railways. This is the China’s political ecology.

Ma Ying-jeou can eat more than seven hundred boxes lunch in one year. The officials of the Ministry of Railways have to eat the best just in the case.

Sign says:Beijing, provincial and municipal leaders have dinner in the multi-purpose hall on the second floor(Wenzhou staff have dinner on the first floor of Xiang Palace).Dinner time :18:00 - 20: 00; Breakfast time 7:00 - 8:30

On July 24, 18:57

Source: Sina Weibo

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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