The horrible inside of a manufacture of high-speed rails

First, I will introduce who I am, and what I wrote does not to instigate the public opinion or try to freak people out. I was an employee of one of the four big accounting firms, what I will say is relevant of the departments of high-speed railways. If there are any colleague who ever participated the accounting or the auditing of this high-speed railway company, please using your other ID in the internet to comment. Because indeed, what I will expose is not obey the ethics of auditors. However, I truly cannot tolerance the ways they handled with the accident.

I took part in the audit works before I quit the job. When finished one part of the audit—-inventories, I called my families do not take the bullet train again!

The first thing is, the accounts in the product warehouse cannot match at all. The reason why the accounts cannot match is because the most of products are not qualified and the finished and unfinished ones are mixed together, the sum of the products is far more than the quantities in the account list. Most of the products was found unqualified during the test are sent back to be mended. And 80% of products in the warehouse are the ones should be reworked. In other words, beside those unqualified products there are still a large amount of unqualified ones in the experimental base.

At present, there are two big railway equipments manufactures in the main land, I don’t need to mention the actual name of them. And both of them are state-own enterprises whose senior officials are appointed by the higher levels. We can imagine the salaries of those people.

The second issue is the technology of the high-speed railways. Just the unbelievable technology transfer fee can even shocking us and we China still be laughed at stolen the technology from German and Japan. The equipments import from those two countries should be reassembled by our own. The relative departments could not afford the high cost anymore, so they collected a group of experts to imitate the scene we developed the rockets working day and night try to figure out how we can stop relying on the import. It should have been a good thing, however, somebody was too eager to gain the quick succeed. 

Personal department was paid high overtime, the workers did their jobs day and night but exhausted. Who can make sure the qualification? We should interview the senior officials when we audit but on leaders in the factory. The explanation was the senior officials were working overtime stay in the forefront testing the products.

Those data and the capital movement inside was hardly can get if I was not the staff of auditors. The actual quantities I cannot tell you. I just think that the accident already occurred but those relative departments still try to avoid the responsibilities. Are the lives of ordinary people really worthless? And if losing all the ordinary people, where can the government collect the taxes anymore and who will construct the country? 

Source: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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