the announcement of the aircraft carrier is unrelative to the South China Sea

July 27, Geng Yansheng, the spokesman of Ministry of National Defense announced in the press conference that China was transforming an old aircraft carrier for technological test and training, which aroused widespread attention.

Geng Yansheng expressed defending the sea side of the country, maintaining the territorial waters and the protecting the maritime rights and interests are the sacred duties of the armed military force. The aircraft carrier, as a weapons platform, can be used as either offensive or defense, and also can strengthen the national power to maintain the world peace or rescue during disasters. The reason why China develops the aircraft carrier is for strengthen the power of maintaining the national security and the world peace. The defensive polices of China and the coastal defense of navy strategies will not be changed as developing the aircraft carrier.

He pointed, the occasion to announce the aircraft carrier’ development is unrelated to situation of South China Sea.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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