Questions from the public and the officials answers in big crash

 Do we will cherish the life until someone dead?

July 23, 20:34 two cranes pick up the first carriage of train D301 under the bridge in Wenzhou around 3pm on Sunday. The accidence caused 39 deaths, 192 injuries. 

Was the lightning strike just the trigger of this accident?

Xinhua reported the cause of the crash might be the lightning-triggered.
The accident occurred after high-speed train D3115 was allegedly hit by lightning and lost drive, and then rear-ended by another bullet train D301.
The former train was running from the provincial capital Hangzhou to the southeastern city of Fuzhou, and the latter one traveled from Beijing to Fuzhou.
The trains were administrated by two different regional railway bureaus — train D3115 by the Shanghai Railway Bureau while train D301 by the Nanchang Railway Bureau.
In the opposite direction, high-speed train D3212 from southeastern city of Xiamen to Hangzhou was also stopped by lightning at about 8 p.m. Saturday. No passenger was injured, said Liu Jiwei who was on board.
Pan Yiheng, the driver of train D301, was stabbed to death by a brake handle in his chest. He triggered the emergency brake at the last moment of his life, according to the FM93.0 radio of Zhejiang.

The only reason we can get is that D3115 lost its propulsion after the lightning strikes and was crashed by D301 caused the train derailing. Should we just blame the lightning or are there still other causes we can find?

Why was the train unable to avoid the lightning strikes?

The lightning strikes usually happened along the railway, and the trains’equipments include the lightning arresters were reported as good at protection, have strong capability in fluency and high reliability. Why did all the equipments invalid at the same time? Ironically, in the ministry of railways required the department of equipment management to check all the relative equipments and change the malfunction parts immediately getting ready for the unusual weather.

Should ask the relative departments, did you really check the equipments? Did you really change the malfunction ones? Did the lightning arresters really work? Please don’t shirk the lightning strikes did not accord to the law and didn’t strike in your ways, that’s ridiculous!

Wang Yongping, a spokesman with China’s Ministry of Railways, speaks at a press conference following a deadly train collision in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The ministry would promptly correct the mistakes and thoroughly analyze the safety system to eradicate potential risks, he said.
The damaged rails have been repaired and were ready to resume operation but the reopening was delayed by the stormy weather, according to Wang. Wang did not say when the line would start operating again.

What did the dispatch center do?

The common rear-end accidents of cars almost because the distance between them is too short. It would be easier to accept if the accidence was caused by the distance was too short to brake between the two bullet trains. We should pay more attention, however, D301 start from the last station Wenling was 19:14 and arriving Wenzhou at 19:44, while the D3115 leave Wenling Station at 19:23 and arriving Wenzhounan Station at 19:59. Why D3115 appeared in front of D301 which should be the earlier one than D3115? What happened?

The most important one is D3115 should have arrived in Wenzhounan Station at 19:59, but the accident was happened in 20: 34, if the lightning strikes make the train can only move slowly and the drivers or the conductor should have informed the dispatch center, but where are the staffs in the train in the half an hour could have save the lives?

Where were the staffs?

After the accident, the first weibo wrote for help was said: “the children are crying, no staffs come out, please save us!” Another weibo user sent the massage said: “I have already withdrawn to a safe place, the most moving thing to me is the volunteers organized by the passengers sent me to the save place, but no train’s staffs show up, outrage!” We should ask where those beautiful staffs were when emergency occurred. And should we always rely on the spontaneous organized for luck?

Three railway officials were fired after the collision and would be subject to investigation, said the spokesman.
The sacked officials were Long Jing, head of the Shanghai Railway Bureau; Li Jia, head of the Shanghai railway bureau’s committee of the Communist Party of China; and deputy chief of the bureau, He Shengli.
The ministry also ordered an urgent overhaul of railway and train safety nationwide.

Source: People’s Daily and Tianya

Transtated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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