Police authority plans budget for vehicles, trips, receptions

The Ministry of Public Security has said it plans to spend 168.65 million yuan ($29.2 million) on government-funded overseas trips, vehicles and receptions in 2011, down 7 percent from last year’s spending.

In a statement posted Tuesday on its official website, the ministry said the budget includes about 22.81 million yuan for overseas trips, 124.28 million yuan for vehicle purchases and maintenance, and 21.55 million yuan for receptions.

The ministry spent a total of 181.36 million yuan on the three items last year, according to the statement.

The expenses on overseas trips are mainly devoted to international policing exchanges, international cooperation in law enforcement, crackdowns on transnational and cross-border crime, and participation in international organizations and conventions, said the ministry.

The public believes that expenses on the three items are “sources of corruption and waste” and have demanded more transparency in the budgets of central government departments.

The State Council, or China’s cabinet, has repeatedly called on its ministries to publicize their budget information and “provide greater details” regarding such expenses.

On Monday, the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) disclosed its 2011 budget and 2010 expenditures on the three items, which are 7.54 million yuan and 7.13 million yuan, respectively.

More than half of SARA’s expenses last year were used for receiving people from religious circles home and abroad, including arranging their visits in the country, according to SARA.

Global Times

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