Philippine inserted flag again, behind which is a conspiracy

Philippine always feel like provoke China deliberately and will never end to force China slapping on its face. It will hind behind his grandfather—- America’s back and the then American grandpa will brandish his kitchen knife and shout: how dare you to hit my baby grandson! It just a metaphor but can show the situation exactly. The United States tell us uncovered that they will not leave from South China Sea since the visiting of Mullen, they inform China if the battle occurs they surely want to intervene. China should restrain, don’t let their dirty tricks succeed. 

The support rate of Obama is declining, and the American people want a turf president as the situation in history always. The United States want a new war to make it become to a hero again. I believe Obama is ready to win the battle in the South China Sea by which will help to his run for the re-election. These are my own imaginary.


孤月残剑:China cannot overcome the United States, I should admit, but Philippine also bulls us, are you kidding me? The reason why they prefer to cooperate with America to fulfill the joint development in South China Sea but not want to with us is because they have the America’s back. China should not afraid of Vietnam and Philippine even if China scared by the US. Making or being made troubles will lose our face the same. What would it be like if China becomes the grandson of America and how would Vietnam and Philippine act at that time?

愤怒的寂寞:How would it be like China become the grandson of America? The US will never care about it. First, the goal of America now is containing and balancing the power of China finally let the socialist China disappear from the world. China should tolerant or fight, beat the antagonists in a short time deter them for years.

Source: Tianya

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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