Philippine asserted China and Philippine are close friends: South China Sea issues are the whole relations between them

The disputes in South China Sea issues between China and Philippine aroused the doubts of media that the relations of Sino-Philippine turned worse to worse. The Foreign Ministry pointed that the South China Sea issues did not the whole relationship between the two countries, and they still the close friends.  

The Foreign Ministry of Philippine ignored the report and expressed that although China and Philippine had same disputes in South China Sea, but still the close friend for each other. The spokesman of it said:“We will keep the deep and expand relationship which China and try to reach a high level of it.”the government of Philippine is devoting to solve the disputes through the common rules and by peaceful ways, he express, and keep communicating with China.

He also pointed that the two nations gain common interests for the past 36 years of relationship, and the two countries will promote the cooperation in trade, investment, tourism, education, agriculture, fisheries, technology, defendant, infrastructure, food security, counter-international crimes and the communication between the citizens.

Source: Global Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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