Ministry of Railway: we are disappointed to several Japanese media

Recently, some Japanese media was schadenfreude about the frequent failures of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, and gloated China’s issues.

On July 14, Wang Yongping, the spokesman of the Ministry of Railway, expressed China’s disappointment about Japanese reports on the failures of Beijing-Shanghai speed railway. Wang said, “Chinese people have the ability to solve their own problems.”

Some Japanese media has reported Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail as “piracy Japan’s Shinkansen” since it was officially opening on June 30. Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” released the news, in the theme of “China piracy Shinkansen soon is out of order”, on successive failures of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail in the last four days.

For Japan media’s reports, Wang said,” We had a full response. But I just want to say that the Japanese Shinkansen also failed a lot. Then they have stolen from whose version. In fact, the Japanese Shinkansen line was parking for an hour on the opened day, leading to the trains to massive delays. In the past two years, the new route often has caused outage problems. ”

Wang claimed that China welcomes foreign media to concern the development of Chinese high-speed rail, except the false reports.

Wang said,”In a word, Chinese people can do their own things, and others should do their things better first. ”


Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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