Keep the hope and confidence but not being the cynical only

Cynical Youth who is so angry to the disappointed society, but now was regarded as the naive impulsive youth.

Indeed, the nation has improved in the society issues, and the youth no used to act radically as the May Youth Movement and the Tiananmen.

The different opinions to the government proposed by the public can also effective through the internet such as the threshold of the personal income tax is raised to 3500 which is 500 higher than before.

 It is a small step by the society, but it truly shows the hopes to the citizens of China. And the crucial point is the youth can work positively and live optimistically unless they hold the hope and have the trust to the society development which deeply rooted in the capability of self-correcting and self-healing of the CPC. And the motion of them derives from the conflicts and the improvement within the government, varied interest groups.

 We will keep the hope and confidence but not being the cynical only.

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