JCRB: the 500 thousand Yuan was unfair to the victims

The “7·23” accident’s victims can gain 500 thousand Yuan compensation. Although the first settlement was reached we still can explore deeply whether the sum is reasonable, legal and fair or not through the jurisprudence.   

In regulations about the victims in the railways accident, the compensation includes two parts: the rail passenger accident insurance claims and the personal injury limit compensation. The total maximum sums of the two parts are only 170 thousand Yuan for each passenger.

It is obvious that the standard is too low and unfair at all, not mention the price index has substantial rose for years. Of course there are serious conflict of laws and the overprotection to the railways’ interests as a national monopoly.

The insurance of the passengers should rise as the tickets price. The too low compensation of the railways not only unfair to the passengers but also disobey the equal rights principle of the citizen which compared with the general sum of ordinary compensation for personal injury damages in civil and the even far lower than the ceiling domestic air passenger injury compensation.  

Source: JianCha Ribao

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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