Injured toddler in train crash shows recovery signs

WENZHOU – A toddler rescued about 21 hours after a deadly high-speed train crash in east China’s Zhejiang Province shows good vital signs, according to doctors.

The girl, named Xiang Weiyi, was under medical observation and treatment in the Intensive Cure Unit (ICU) at the No.2 Hospital Attached to the Wenzhou Medical College, said Pan Guoquan, the ICU director Monday.

Xiang, aged two years and eight months, suffered bruises in her lung, liver and soft tissues. She also suffered insufficient blood supply in two toes of her left foot, he said.

“We’ll observe the recovery progress of her blood circulation in the left leg, and then decide whether she needs an amputation,” he said.

The train collision that occurred near the city of Wenzhou late Saturday has killed 36 people and left 192 others injured as of Sunday night, according to the Ministry of Railways.

At 5:15 p.m. Sunday, Xiang was rescued by firefighters, making her the last survivor that had been saved after being trapped in the deformed train coaches.

china daily

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