Frustrated commuters block bus in protest

Despite the heat and rush-hour traffic, two female commuters blocked a bus stopped at an intersection in Wuhan, the capital city of Central China’s Hubei province, on Saturday, in protest that the bus did not to stop at the right station.

One of the women complained that she had been waiting for the bus for about 40 minutes the previous day and it had not arrived. On the day of the protest, she said the bus came after half an hour of waiting, but the bus still didn’t stop at the station.

The bus driver said that the route had been changed a month ago in response to safety and convenience concerns. But the reporter noticed a note explaining this was only plasted on the bus door and not at the station itself.

Other passengers said that they all knew of the change and muttered the two women were making trouble out of nothing.

Forty minutes later, the two women were sent home by policemen.

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