Foxconn unique designed its staff dormitory

Since January 2010, there have been more than ten consecutive jumping events in Foxconn.

At 3 pm, July 18 2011, a Foxconn staff jumped from 6th floor, died on the spot. The man was 21-year-old and was a newly recruited staff of Foconn last month. The total number of falling in Foxconn reached to 17. Foxconn said that he was only woking more than 20 days, the overtime was only 2 hours, so that the incident had nothing to do with the work pressure.

However, the boy’s relatives said he usually was very cheerful and obedient.

For consecutive jumping events, Foxconn added a safety net outside the dormitory.

“烟灰如云”: The company should think of its own problems rather than a temporary solution.

“小生狐狸”: What the net’s meaning is that you can die in other place but not in front of my house.

“Xx的包子”: In fact, the net cannot solve the problem.

“Mi33_U”: So Ironically.

“直男光已经化身愤青帝”: In the future, the buildings should be changed into cottages.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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