Foreign victims make headway on recovery

BEIJING – Two foreigners are in stable conditions after being seriously injured in the Wenzhou train crash, say doctors who treated them in intensive care units.

Giovanni Pan, a 23-year-old Italian citizen of Chinese origin, is undergoing treatment at the city’s No 2 People’s Hospital. He arrived there on Saturday with serious neck, spine and lung injuries. He had also suffered from a lack of oxygen.

Despite making a recovery that was rapid enough to let him be taken off the respirator on Sunday, Pan is still suffering from serious fractures and a spinal cord injury that require surgery, Zhou Jue, a medic at the intensive care unit, told China Daily in a telephone interview.

When the procedure will take place is unknown. Zhou explained it is not clear whether surgery is likely to cause Pan, in his current condition, to have a smooth recovery or to suffer further complications. Orthopedic experts need more time to observe the patient and consult each other, Zhou said.

While recovering, Pan has asked about his Italian girlfriend, Sissy, who was with him on the D3115 bullet train that was rear-ended on Saturday by another train – the D301 – in Wenzhou. Pan’s mother has come from Italy to visit him, said staff members at the intensive care unit.

Pan may have to stay in bed for as long as six months, even if his treatment goes well, You Rongkai, director of the hospital’s emergency department, was quoted as saying by Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday.

The other foreign victim, Cao Lixing, a 31-year-old Chinese American, is being treated at the No 3 People’s Hospital in Wenzhou.

Cao’s parents died in the accident.

Gao, a doctor who did not want his full name to be printed, told China Daily that Cao arrived in hemorrhagic shock on Saturday and underwent immediate surgery.

Cao is now in a stable condition and can speak, Gao said.

Source: China Daily

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