Father tightly hugged his son in the “7-23” rail crash

Jin Jianfei, civil servant, tightly hugged his son when the crash occurred. After more than twenty hours later, they were found by the rescue workers. They have died already. Jin was beyond recognition, but his son looks intact.

According to some media’s report, his son, Jin Fanbo or Jin Doudou, died of suffocation in the overheated train.

Chen Yue, Jin’s wife, was a criminal police, and also died in the crash.

The rescue workers said that Doudou looked very quiet, just like asleep.

Nobody doubted the illegible adult who hugged Doudou was Doudou’s father. At that moment, who would protect Doudou with his life? “It’s a father’s instinct.” Doudou’ grandfather Chen said.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com

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