Families of the victims: Please tell us the truth

July 27, the families of the victims of “7-23” serious train crash accident gathered at Wenzhou South Station, holding a white banner read “Tell the 7-23 incident truth, respect the death” to express their demands.

According to some families on the site, their families were on the train when the accident occurred, but they didn’t find the names of their deceased families in the name list of the victims.

A man hold high the photo of his family


Reporter interviewed the families of the victims
Police is at the scene


the Ministry of Railways official come out.


Many families insisted one day and were exhausted.
A man is exhausted.
The families communicated with each other.


Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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