China’s battle against piracy

An online exhibition has opened to show China’s efforts during the past eight months against Intellectual Property Rights infringement and counterfeiting.

China's battle against piracy

The online exhibition is divided into five parts, the deployment of the special operation, protection of Intellectual Protection Rights or IPR for short, combating the production and sale of fake goods, software legalization and the outlook. China’s vice premier Wang Qishan started up the service. The minister of commerce Chen Deming spoke at the ceremony, saying that the special operation and its results have shown the firm determination of the Chinese Government to tackle piracy.

Chen said, “Since last October, a series of actions against IPR infringement and counterfeiting have been carried out throughout the country. During the special operation, the authorities have investigated and dealt with several cases that attracted attention both in China and around the world. It revealed several companies that violated the law, and has thus restrained the impetus of IPR violation.”

During the special operation from last October until this June, authorities at all levels have registered more than 155 thousand cases related to piracy, involving millions (billions) of yuan.

The Chinese government has at the same time been improving the authorized edition of software used at different levels of management.


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