Capital plans to issue list of license plate non-takers

Beijing will publish a list of car license plate lottery winners who still did not buy them before the six-month deadline, transport authority officials announced on Tuesday at the seventh car quota lottery.

The first lottery had a pool of 187,420 applicants, whereas the seventh had 614,441 applicants including those who had failed in previous rounds, according to the government car quota information website Based on those statistics, the odds of getting a car license plate fell from 11-1 in January to 35-1 in July.

About 30,000 winners of previous lotteries have not bought cars, Zhao Zhengyang, publicity office employee of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, told the Global Times. Some 17,600 car plates can be won at each month’s lottery.

Winners are supposed to buy within six months and Tuesday was the deadline for those who won in the January car quota lottery.

Of the 17,600 January winners, 14,000 have bought cars, commission director Liu Xiaoming told the Beijing Morning Post on July 21, estimating some 1,000 would have forfeited their right to buy a car by Tuesday. The transport authority has not revealed the exact number.

“We will publish the list of those people who got their quota but did not buy a car after the deadline,” Zhao said.

“Relevant departments” are discussing the feasibility of adding the forfeited license plates to the next lottery on August 26, the Beijing News reported. Zhao did not confirm this information with the Global Times.

Global Times

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