Beijing-Shanghai high-speed bullet train burst out malfunction, again

The passengers are getting on another train.

Yesterday, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train fails the third time. The G114 train, from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Beijing South Railway Station, suddenly went wrong near Zhenjiang South Station.

The train cannot run normally, and then was taken the place of reserved train.

The failure led to all the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train delayed. Ten trains to Beijing South Station delayed, at most 2 hours and 44 minutes.

The railway authorities apologized to the passengers for late trains. However, three failures in four days and twice apology to passengers made the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway became the focus of the public.

In fact, some netizens disclosed that G114 has been abnormal since sent off from Shanghai at 9:34 am, and the maximum speed was only 130 km. After two hours, train finally arrived at Zhenjiang, while under normal condition it only needed half an hour.

With an overhead contact lines failure, a circuit failure and a train failure, the related authorizes still have not released the cause of the failures.

Source: Beijing Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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