Analysis: Philippine president’s “protecting South China Sea” is a way for distracting the pressure

The president Benigno Aquino reported to the nation the programs of action in July 25, he said Philippine plan to protect their territory in the South China Sea by using force. The administration will promote the equipments of the armed military include buying new naval vessels and weapons.

Last week, China and ASEAN countries, however, reached an agreement in the code of conduction in South China Sea. Analysis asserts the target of the protecting theory of Aquino is trying to distract the political pressure within Philippine.

Aquino pointed that: the Philippines ever cannot react appropriately to the threats in our backyard. We transfer the exact information to the world nowadays. What belonged to us then will still belong to us now.

Analysis thinks those words can expose Aquino creates himself as an iron-handed leader to serve as president for another term by using the sensitive issues to rope the strength which against China but close to the U. S..

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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