72 mainland billionaires died in 8 years, 15 was killed and 17 suicide

This is a special group—died billionaire. This is a heavy investigation that they are not considered natural dead.

Data shows that 15 died of homicide, 17 died of suicide, 7 died of accident, 14 died of death penalty, 19 died of disease. The number is thought-provoking.

19 people died of disease, and the average age is 48-year-old. The number accounted for 26% in 72. Disease is the first killer to billionaire.

In these 19 people, most suffered cardiovascular disease, 9 died of related diseases.

Another one is cancer, 7 died of such diseases.

Many people get rich by hard work. But the habits have also led to no enough time to rest, entertainment and exercise.

17 of 72 people active left the world. Though in different ways, the strong determination is same.

It is counted that 15 died from homicide, accounting for 20.8%. However, there is a bloody story behind each one. Whether the killers are friends, business partners or competitors, the common purpose is money.

14 billionaires broken the law and were eventually sentenced to death. The last 7 ones’ death cause is not clear, while officials classified as accidents.

The group of billionaires is more fragile than ordinary people, because they faced more desire and more pressure.

Source: Xinhua

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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