68 animal protection organization protest US’ Rodeo Performance

a spur

Tie-down roping
bareback riding

In early October, “2011 Rodeo China Western United States rodeo performance” will be staged in the Bird’s Nest as an important project of China-US cultural exchanges.

However, 68 Chinese animal protection organizations negotiated with the people, on behalf of the U.S. organizers, to call for cancelling the performance on July 8. Seven days later, China’s animal protection organizations held a press conference, showing more than 200 videos to illustrate the damage to animals in rodeo.

Yesterday, Chinese organizers said that they are communicating with Chinese animal protection organizations, and ensured that if the existence of abuse is found in a performance, it’s possible to cancel the show.

The project is scheduled for October 3 to 10 in the Bird’s Nest, staged an eight-day Western U.S. rodeo event, covering Bull riding, Tie-down roping, Barrel racing and other traditional rodeo program. Athletic animals are expected to arrive in Beijing next month.

Chinese animal organization said that the rodeo will have a negative impact. And children may think animals only are available for human use arbitrary. “we don’t want this junk culture entered into China.”

The animal protection organization also indicated that they have mastered the conclusive evidence that the U.S. government concealed electric shock, tie-down roping and other the most serious and most normal rodeo animal injuries to Chinese government.

They will do their best to protect these animals.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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